What is an inversion table, and what are the best brands?

You have probably heard people complain of back pain, right? Or in other cases, where a patient is brought in the hospital with spinal injury. These are just but the few cases where an inversion table can be used. To be more elaborate an inversion table is mainly a table that is designed for therapy patients whereby it involves a patient getting inverted in a particular angle where he or she hangs by the ankles, feet or legs, alternatively a patient can still be upside down. The table comes with its therapeutic benefits. These benefits may be in the form of spinal traction or decompression. There are several brands of inversion tables and it’s certainly hard to define which the best of them all. Here are the top 5 brands of inversion tables that will definitely guarantee better results.

  1. Teeter Hang ups EP 550 Inversion Tables

The EP 550 is a redesigned model of the F5000. It’s considered to offer the best comfort ensuring that it delivers the best results you can ever imagine. Far and foremost, it’s very simple to use and understand as well. According to research, those people who have managed to use it say that it’s very simple to adjust the settings that come with it.

  1. Teeter Hang Ups EP 950 Inversion Table

This table will most definitely offer you a good remedy if you actually suffer from back pains and it will guarantee you great results at long last. It’s considered to be easy to set up and above it all its offers you comfort and it’s easy to use as well. If you are that simple, then this table is your favorite.

  1. Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

From the name to how it looks, you can be quit suggestive that it’s made of very strong metal. People that have used the ironman gravity 1000 have come out positive when it comes to its sturdiness. Also to add up on the advantage, it’s comfortable and easy to assemble as well. The table comes with molded ankle holders from which you are able to secure your legs firmly, even if you are not wearing your shoes. It’s definitely a quality table.

  1. Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table

It’s most definitely a table that has been designed with a lot of innovations. The health mark pro allows you to lie at an inverted angle, hence allowing you to perform different exercises which include: back extension exercise (which strengthens you back, as well as making sure that your spine is in good shape) and also sit ups. On the other hand the table can support a weight of 600 pounds, a height of 6”8” and also offers a foot restraint lock where you can secure your legs. This is definitely one of the best stable inversion tables.

  1. Stamina Assisted Pro Inversion Table

If you are that person that is unable to bend over and touch your toes, Well this is the ideal inversion table for you. It has been built with an extended release handle especially designed for your ankle. You don’t have to struggle when you are hanging upside down when you have the stamina assisted pro, since it makes your work even much simpler with the release handle. On the other hand it has extra control whereby you can handle the table at ease by even rotating to an upright position. The table also offers you with awesome comfortability and stability too.

Inversion tables can guarantee you good results if only they are used correctly, and in the most appropriate way, but this can be made possible if you actually visit a medical practitioner who can give you the correct information and as to which appropriate inversion table to use in your particular condition. Here is all you need to know about the inversion table and also the best top 5 brands.

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