Coffee reduces the risk of asthma – a new study states


People who drink coffee on a daily basis and regularly have about a third less asthma symptoms than those who do not drink coffee at all. According to a clinical study conducted at Howard who the United States. Study was conducted on more than 20,000 people, for a number of years. Albeit the two regular coffee, there are a number of reservations in the medical world. Multiple clinical studies that are done on coffee and respiratory diseases, such as asthma, prove otherwise. studies have found that coffee drinking asthma patients who are experiencing an asthma attack, help them breathe easier. There are many doctors in the world, which suggest that coffee drinking urgent first aid for asthma patients who are in an acute attack.

Further research on asthma and coffee, which was held Vskolnd, has shown that drinking two cups of coffee a day, the opening of efficiency and effective airway in cases where a person suffers from asthma attack inhaler (drug) is not within reach.

One of the drugs most widely used in asthma patients is: tincture of theophylline (theophylline).

This drug helps to expand the bronchial tubes, which often inflamed and partially blocking asthma patients. This drug is used for more than 60 years but it is not effective long-term treatment only for acute asthma attacks helps.

In studies found an association between the drug in chemical structure to caffeine and theophylline Therefore, drinking coffee during asthmatic attack nearly as effective as taking the drug theophylline.

Large study in Italy for several years, found that patients with asthma who drink coffee regularly, daily (about 2 cups per day), do not suffer from the symptoms of asthma as asthma patients who do not drink coffee. It was found that the decrease in the symptoms of patients who drink coffee was about 28% compared with those who avoid caffeine

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