Lifestyle & Health Roundup – July & August 2015


  • There are many times when throwing up is a must have before a medical treatment. Mainly in the case
    of swallowing dangerous substances, and before an operation.
  • How to deal with hemorrhoids and constipation? You can read this new awesome article on You can also read this amazing article on
  • Work boots is such an underestimated topics. They talk about nutrition, they talk about exercising, but they never mention work boots which has severe effect on your health. Did you know it can cause severe back pain if the wrong pair of work boots is chosen? For the selecting best work and most comfortable boots available, I recommend reading this
    article on and have qzz in your life.
  • Stopping hair loss in a natural way is excellent – here is a list of the best shampoo in the market.
  • This month was the Ashley Madison month. Hackers revealed the email addresses of
    men who allegedly used this service, and as always we found the Hypocrisy that are found in our
    society. Read here for the full story.
  • Imagine you are in a date with the woman of your dreams. She is beautiful and so attractive!|
    but then suddenly you don’t have anything to talk about. Embarrassing, and cane ruin the whole date.
    So before going on a date, read the conversation topics, listed on (Love this site!)